Todd’s fervor is rooted in the meticulous creation of terroir-driven wines that authentically express the distinct qualities of specific vineyard sites. His unwavering dedication encompasses both the vineyard and winery, ensuring an uncompromising approach to winemaking. Prior to joining Force Majeure, Todd held the position of Winemaker at the renowned “cult” winery, Bryant Family Vineyard, in the Napa Valley. During his tenure at Bryant, Todd collaborated closely with industry luminaries such as vineyard manager David Abreu and renowned winemaking consultant Michel Rolland. In 2014, driven by a desire to elevate Washington state’s winemaking standards, Todd embarked on a new chapter with Force Majeure. His mission: to contribute his expertise and artistry to the creation of truly world-class wines, pushing the boundaries of winemaking excellence from our unique sites.



Ryan Johnson is a seasoned expert and visionary in the world of farming and viticulture, whose expertise is unparalleled in Washington State.  Ryan is responsible for co-founding this vineyard, deftly matching varietal to soil type and aspect. Having recently returned to our Red Mountain Estate Vineyard, he leads our farming and viticulture efforts, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge gained through his years of experience cultivating grapes on the rugged terrain of Red Mountain. 

Ryan  continually pushes boundaries, shaping the landscape of viticulture on Red Mountain. 



As lifetime entrepreneurs constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve and innovate, Paul and Susan McBride were attracted to the Northwest for the promise of developing world-class vineyards and wines from the region. They quickly recognized the promise and quality of wines coming from Red Mountain in Washington State and purchased the undeveloped land that is now Force Majeure Vineyard in 2004. Their passion is to make wines that define their region and deftly capture the terroir of its vineyards. Hands on and uncompromising in their approach to quality, they are committed to cultivating first-class winemaking and viticulture talent to craft wines that can compete with the finest in the world.



Carrie Alexander has a passion for creativity, service, and hospitality.  With a strong emphasis on “being of service,” Carrie goes beyond conventional roles, infusing a sense of warmth and hospitality into every project. Her commitment to creating meaningful connections is evident not only in her professional endeavors but also in her approach to life. Carrie’s dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond the screen and canvas, embodying the spirit of service in all that she does.

As a professional with a unique blend of marketing prowess, artistic flair, and a heart for hospitality, Carrie Alexander continues to carve her niche in the industry, leaving a lasting impression wherever her creative journey takes her.



Stephen Morina, embarked on his journey winemaking during the 2017 harvest at Honig Winery in Napa Valley, where he cultivated a profound appreciation for the craft. Venturing overseas, he contributed to the production of world-class fortified wines at Chambers Rosewood in Rutherglen, Australia. Returning to Napa in 2018, Stephen embraced Cain Winery’s site-driven, low-intervention approach, delving deeper into the terroir’s expression. His experience expanded at The Napa Valley Reserve, a private member club associated with the Harlan Family, where he provided exclusive access throughout the winemaking process. Since 2021, Stephen has continued his dedication to crafting quality wines at Force Majeure, where he passionately contributes to pushing the quality boundaries and showcasing the full potential of the region.



Matt Moye, a native of Tennessee, discovered his passion for wine while studying History as an undergraduate. Once he found a weekend position at a local wine shop, the prospect of wine as a career path began to unfold. He would spend the next six years expanding territory for two family owned direct import companies, and managing a Euro-centric wine shop. Matt joined Force Majeure as Sales Manager in 2019, working in support of Marketing Director Carrie Alexander, until transferring to our production team as Cellar Master in 2023. Matt and his wife Kyla enjoy a quiet life with their pets Kiki, Lou, and Baxter.



Born and raised in New Orleans, Marcus kicked off his culinary journey managing top-tier restaurants for the Brennan family and Emeril Lagasse in his hometown. Relocating to Seattle in 2007, he delved into the local restaurant scene, excelling as General Manager and Operations Director at various venues. Marcus also honed his wine expertise at Wild Ginger, renowned for its Grand Award-winning wine list. Transitioning to Walla Walla in 2020, he helped with Spring Valley’s harvest before joining Rotie Cellars’ management team for three years. Outside of work, Marcus enjoys exploring the Northwest with his wife, a talented photographer and writer, and unwinding at home with wine, vinyl records, and their dog, Shiso.  Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge in team management, operations, and customer relations, making him a valuable addition to our small team.



Taylor grew up surrounded by the rich heritage of farming and viticulture, as the member of the Kontos family who has been farming in the Walla Walla Valley for multiple generations.
Taylor is a dynamic force, not only in the winery but also on the dance floor. A dedicated participant in dance competitions, she brings the same grace and precision from the stage to every aspect of her life.
At Force Majeure, her commitment to excellence extends to every detail, ensuring that the tasting salon operates smoothly and efficiently.
However, Taylor’s true talent shines when interacting with guests. With a warm smile and a genuine passion for hospitality, she provides stellar service, creating memorable experiences for everyone who walks through the winery doors.