“Force Majeure has already established itself in the top tier of Washington wineries.” – Harvey Steiman, Wine Spectator


It is both passion and obsessive attention to detail that push Force Majeure to raise the standard for Washington winegrowing. We drew inspiration from the great vineyards of Bordeaux, the Northern and Southern Rhône valleys, and Priorat.  We also challenged existing viticultural practices and embarked on an ambitious plan to pioneer the very first vineyard on the steep, upper slopes of Red Mountain, from where we knew we could create wines that were powerful yet finessed, distinct and world-class.

This effort involved the careful matching of varietal and clonal selections, trellising and irrigation to the eight distinct soil types in our vineyard that were formed by the ancient Missoula floods, winds and volcanic activity. The outcome is a vineyard articulated into many small “micro-blocks,” in order to maximize the potential of this unique and dynamic site. This steep vineyard ranges in elevation from 960 to 1,230 feet, and is completely farmed by hand. The rocky upper-hill is well-suited to the cultivation of Rhône varietals such as Syrah and Grenache, while the lower blocks of the vineyard are comprised of deep, well-drained Warden soils, where Bordeaux varietals excel.

The unique topography and geological variants within our small vineyard provide us with a versatility that allows us to cultivate a variety of compelling fruit characterized by stunning intensity, depth and concentration, complex flavors and fine tannins, and we look forward to sharing the resulting wines with you.